Top 10 Yacht Charters in Dubai

Top 10 Yacht Rental Companies in Dubai

1. Seven Yachts

If you are looking for the most exclusive yacht rental in the UAE, your search begins and ends at Seven Yachts. They believe in quality over quantity and have top of the line yachts from the 90ft Notorious to the 164ft Benetti B. Their yacht charter maintains an atmosphere of exclusivity and their place of business is the most high-class resort in the UAE, the recently opened Bulgari Hotel and Residences. The skilled crew onboard Seven Yachts are British, Australian, and South African. You have the option of celebrating a birthday, hosting a corporate party, or having a Christmas gala onboard some of the best yachts money can get you.

2. Cozmo Yachts

Cozmo Yachts is one of the leading yacht rental companies in the UAE, and they own a fleet of 8 top-end yachts including the Carnevali Italian, Sealine British, Azimut Italian, AS marine, and Fairline Squadron. They have superyachts for every occasion like corporate team building, birthday celebration, engagement party, and family get-togethers. You get the chance to explore Dubai as never before onboard a luxury yacht which will make you feel elite.

3. Xclusuve Yachts

Xclusive Yachts was established in 2006 and is one of the most premium yacht rentals in Dubai. It is the leading award-winning yacht charter company and has witnessed many satisfied customers. They have a large fleet of yachts from the unique Oceanic coupe superyacht to the Xclusive 4 which is their entry level flybridge yacht. They are the only yacht charters that boast red carpet on arrival and exclusive hostesses along with a photographer on demand. You can now celebrate New Year's and Valentine's in style.

4. Royal Yachts

Royal Yachts provides luxury yacht charter services, and you can also approach them to buy or sell yachts. They offer an excellent cuisine on board the cruise as you can customize the voyage along Dubai Marina. You can also opt for a range of water sports activities to pump you up. You can also upgrade to the VIP treatment which will include Heli-transfers and first-class chauffeur services. They have an impressive fleet which ranges from the 48ft Fairline Squadron to the 165ft Mangusta Yacht.

5. Aquarius Yachts

Aquarius Yacht is one of the leading yacht rental company which helps the client make a customized selection of the cruise which is most suitable for him. They are luxury yacht charters, and when you rent from them, they offer the highest level of attention to detail. The comfort of the customer comes first to Aquarius Yacht, and they have a fleet of cruise yachts ranging from the Aquarius-1 to the ultra-luxurious and fast Benetti 115ft. The yacht charters have a skilled and qualified crew to cater to all the client's wishes.

6. Amwaj Al Bahar Boats and Yachts Chartering

Amwaj Al Bahar Boats and Yachts Chartering is among the most elite yacht rental company in the UAE. They offer their clients an opportunity to hold special events on luxury yachts. You can arrange a team building activity or even a wedding onboard premium quality yachts. You can also have add-ons like watersports to your yacht rentals. They have yachts ranging from 85ft Lady Bella to the 117ft Moon Yacht. The company has an experience of about ten years in yacht charters.

7. Neptune Yachts

Established in 2015, Neptune Yachts Dubai is a young company that is eager to impress the wealthy and affluent people of Dubai. They rely on customer satisfaction and pride themselves in providing the most luxurious yacht charter services available. They organize sunset brunch parties and make sure that the customer gets his money's worth. Neptune has a fleet of yachts starting from the 50ft Al Shali to the 88ft BigDaddy.

8. Royal Blue Coast

The Royal Blue Coast Yachts owns an impressive fleet and is instrumental in setting industry standards and benchmarks. They have history on their side as the company has been serving the people of Dubai for 12 years now. Located in the Marina, the yacht charters have bespoke cruise options including customized travel packages. Royal Blue Coast also has the most friendly and knowledgeable support staff. They have yachts which range from the modest Walk Around-31 to the luxurious Majesty-50 Delta.

9. Al Wasl Yachts

If you are visiting Dubai for a few months or even a resident, it is crucial that you spend your time here in style. What better way than to charter a cruise through the Dubai Marina or one passing by the Burj Al Arab. Al Wasl Yachts concentrates on providing luxury voyaging options for the rich and wealthy of Dubai. They own a large number of yachts and thus can give you the best rate possible. Their fleet ranges from the 37ft yacht to the 85ft luxury yacht.

10. Aone Boat Rental

Aone Yacht Charter is the best way to get to the water bodies in and around Dubai. Yachts are an exhilarating experience for those affluent people. People from all over the world visit Dubai, and there is a tremendous need for yacht rentals to cater to the tourists and residents alike. You can visit the Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah or even any of the hidden beaches spotted along the coastline of UAE. Aone has a fleet ranging from the 52ft Sunseeker Yacht to the 85ft Dubai Marine-Duretti.